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Fiber cut in Three Rivers has taken down services in Three Rivers and Goliad (details below)

A long haul fiber provider experienced a fiber cut Saturday afternoon. It took several hours to determine the location and condition of the damaged line. Latest update at 4:30am CDT:
*UPDATE* 10:00am CDT Waterline damage has been temporarily repaired and excavation has resumed. Damage is 10-12 ft underground below grade. Other facilities in the way so crews are having to carefully work their way to the damage. Obviously already had a problem navigating the excavation. This is causing further delays to resolution. Updates as we get them. *UPDATE* 7:28am CDT Sunday: Construction crews (not commZoom crews) hit a water line while digging up damaged conduit. So now they have to get that fixed in order to continue. Work on the fiber line has halted until the water line is repaired. *UPDATE* Time: 4:28am CDT From the provider: Construction crews determined it necessary to bore a new path under a road to run new conduit and fiber. Due to the damage and distance involved this is obviously taking much longer to do the emergency repair. We’ll update as we know more.